What does a Ready, Set, Yoga class look like?

During a typical class, your child will learn...

  • why we practice yoga & it's benefits

  • how to use breathing techniques known as pranayama to help calm and focus.

  • different poses or asanas to improve flexibility and posture.

  • ways to be present in the moment or mindfulness.

  • how to meditate using words or mantras, or with deep relaxation using guided imagery, called the Secret Garden

  • how to reach out to others in our world to make it a better place - karma  yoga.

What makes Ready, Set, Yoga Classes Unique?

  • Classes are taught by a certified teacher (early childhood/special education), using age appropriate activities and structure.

  • Children of all abilities and needs are welcomed! Special accommodations can be offered and adaptive classes are available to help our little yogis with autism, ADD/ADHD, sensory or social emotional challenges experience yoga.


  • Classes are able to incorporate themes of your school or library program, and can be extended to include a literacy or art element. 


"But seriously, my child doesn't sit still..."

Developmentally, children need to move.  That's why Ready, Set, Yoga uses the teaching techniques taught by Haris Lender (RCYT 500 hr) of Kidding Around Yoga, which uses high energy songs, interactive games, and challenging poses to engage your child and tire them out!  By alternating active songs or salutations with seated instruction on breathwork or meditation, your child will be able to focus and learn throughout the class.  Additionally, the predictable structure of classes helps to build routine and set expectations. And as they learn, all children (and parents) are welcomed to participate in as much of the class as they are able.