Mom, Teacher, Yogi

Meet Jennifer Drechsler

I am a mom of two children, and have been a certified teacher of young children for the past 14 years. I have always been drawn to working with children of all ages and abilities, and have found that helping to shape and influence the lives of children to be an incredible privilege.  Becoming certified in teaching children yoga through Kidding Around Yoga in 2017 brought new perspective and inspiration for my path in life. To be able to help children to learn to handle big emotions, calm anxiety, find joy in small moments, learn to love themselves, and find peace in an increasingly chaotic and competitive world was a need that I saw needed to be filled by our youth. Thus the creation of Ready Set Yoga...preparing kids to be 'ready', and 'set' to handle the joys and stressors of life! I look forward to meeting you and  your little yogi, and being able to share some of the joy and peace that yoga can bring to your heart. Namaste.